I’ve removed my album from Spotify and other services.  They don’t pay enough to cover the costs.  You can still purchase a copy from Amazon, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t.  They just burn a CD from digital files and throw in a low res version of the cover art.  They charge as much as I do for the real CD, but then keep almost half the money.

The least expensive and odious way to check out these tunes is by going to  It doesn’t cost you anything, and it doesn’t cost me anything.

If you’re one of the elite few tastemakers who are willing to shell out $9 for my music, or just want to make me drive to the post office for some reason, you can purchase the CD direct from me here. Choose the “I don’t have a paypal account” option at the bottom of the form to pay using a credit card:

And be sure to follow me on Spotify by clicking here. Thanks for listening!