I was lucky enough to play with lots of talented people through the years.  I traveled around, played more than a few shows, got really drunk, and kissed a few girls who like musicians.  I’m currently not interested in playing music, though I do remember it fondly.  If I get the bug again, I’ll record some new material and post about it on this site.

These days, I’m old, fat and generally happy (when Warren Zevon said “enjoy every sandwich”, I might have taken it too literally).  I sell real estate in Nashville, which is not something I would have imagined doing in a million years.  Happily, it pays the bills and keeps my bar cart stocked with single malt scotch.  I travel with my wife Stephanie in my downtime, and geek out playing table top games with childhood friends.  This year I plan to lose a considerable amount of weight by dieting, exercising, and cutting back on whisky consumption.  That happening seems as likely as me releasing a new record.

Thanks for your interest in my music!